We all need to surround ourselves with the right people to uplift us, to encourage us, and as Christians, it’s important to have fellow believers helping us walk closer with the Lord, holding us accountable.

            We need a support system, people who will strengthen us and build us up. As it says in Proverbs 27:17, “Iron Sharpens Iron.” We should have “Squad Goals.” But who is in our squad? What role do they play in our life? Are we influencing the people we surround ourselves with? Are they influencing us positively or negatively?

            We should choose carefully and sometimes it can be very difficult. I know it can be challenging because not all of our friends and family members are believers or share our values and priorities. Sometimes that raises doubt about certain friendships. Believers and unbelievers have different goals, interests and values. Because we’re sinful by nature and have our own selfish desires, we can be easily influenced at times so we must be careful our “Squad” isn’t filled with people who have different goals who could lead us away from doing God’s will for us.

            But it’s also important to understand that we can become an example to unbelievers in hopes that they too can receive the blessings of a life in Christ.

            We spoke about this topic in our episode featuring former NFL safety Donovin Darius. He is now a regional director for the NFL Legends Community, which offers countless valuable resources to all former players. - Rob Maaddi

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