Rejection stinks. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. No one wants to experience rejection but the reality is all of us do at some point.

            For some of us, experiencing rejection can be a daily occurrence, depending on our profession. Those in sales hear “No” far more than “Yes” because it’s the nature of the business.

            We get turned down for jobs, we get cut from a team, we don’t get into a university, we can’t get a date, we go through breakups. All of it is rejection. It happens no matter who we are. Rejection doesn’t discriminate. And often we can’t control it.

            But how we handle rejection is in our control. And it definitely will affect the rest of our lives so it’s important to know this: When people push us away, God is pulling us closer. When people say “No,” God says “Yes.” He’s saying: “Come to me. I got you. You don’t need that job. I have a better one for you. You don’t need that relationship. There’s a better person for you. You don’t need to go to that college to succeed. There’s a better school for you. Whatever door closes on you, God will open another one. If you fully trust and believe in Him, He will show you what He has for you.

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