Are you going through a tough time in your life?

      All of us go through bad stretches, difficult periods, rough seasons in our lives. But we can’t let one bad chapter in the book of our life story define us.  Maybe you lost your job. It’s just one chapter. Maybe you’re going through a breakup or bad relationship. It’s just one chapter. Maybe you’re having financial troubles or marital issues. Again, it’s just one chapter of your life. A health problem, a car accident, any adversity, it’s just one chapter. It doesn’t tell your whole story. It won’t define you.

      Whatever you’re going through, it’s not the end of your story, it’s not the way your book has to end. If you trust and believe in the Lord, he will raise you up from rock bottom.

      We know that God works for our good in “all things” if we love Him. That means He’s working it out even during the toughest hardships we face. He will help us rewrite our story if we lean on Him and commit our lives to Him completely.

      For more on this topic, listen to our episode featuring an interview with Philadelphia Phillies ace pitcher Aaron Nola. - ROB MAADDI

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