Often we ask someone before making reservations at a fancy restaurant or a beautiful resort: “How’s the service?” But how often do we look in the mirror and ask ourselves: “How’s your service?”

            Taking time to reflect on how well we are serving the Lord is an important part of our daily, spiritual growth. I was considering this during my recent interview with Demario Davis of the New Orleans Saints. We’re called to be servants for Christ and our service is measured by how well we actually serve other people. Jesus set the example for us. He didn’t come to earth to be served but instead to serve others.

            Serving comes in many ways, at various times and it looks different for each of us but the characteristics of a servant are similar. A servant for Christ has to be humble, be prepared, be persistent, be willing, be obedient, be unashamed and must endure.

            We need to take inventory of our service and honestly evaluate our performance in each one of these areas. If we’re not measuring up in one aspect or another, we can make improvements.

            Having a servant’s heart means putting the needs of others ahead of our own, but also doing so with the right attitude and that means putting God’s will first. We should not be seeking rewards or recognition of even gratitude for our service because Jesus showed us the way by serving with a genuine heart. - Rob Maaddi

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