It’s so easy for all of us to praise God in good times and thank Him for our blessings when everything goes our way and we’re having great success. But Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey showed the world the importance of stopping to praise the Lord in our worst moments, too.

Parkey raised his hand and pointed to Heaven after missing the biggest kick of his NFL career as the Bears lost to the Eagles and were eliminated from the playoffs. Parkey then stopped to take a knee in a prayer circle with teammates and opponents before running off the field to a chorus of boos. He handled questions afterward with class and accountability, though the ball was deflected and Parkey had a legitimate excuse.

God never promised us a life free of storms but if we trust and believe in Him, He will guide us through every one of those storms. There is a purpose for every storm we face. We need to pray for help and strength to get out of the storm and to learn from our trials and tribulations. Others may think our story should go a certain way when we fail and criticism is sure to follow but we can change the narrative by sticking to our faith and relying on our Savior. - Rob Maaddi

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