Have you ever walked into a store and come across the section where they sell merchandise that doesn’t have a box, was a display item, is slightly dented or dinged or simply is missing a part but it’s still usable and workable so it’s sold “As Is” because you can’t return it, you can’t get insurance on it and you have to buy it the way it is right there in front of you?

            Well, when it comes to our salvation, it doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our lives, how bad of a person we think we are, how terrible our sins are or how far away from the Lord we are, God is ready to meet us and take us AS IS. He’s not asking for a finished product. He doesn’t expect a perfect person. He wants us right as we are, flawed, imperfect, down and out or on top of the mountain. If we give our all and fully surrender to Him, accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, invite Him into our heart, into our lives and take that journey with Him, He will work with us and work on us. He takes us - addicted, broken, unwanted, imprisoned, diseased, troubled, selfish, arrogant, self-proclaimed perfect, whatever our issues -  He takes us AS IS if we genuinely seek Him.  


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