There is a major misconception that showing your emotions and being vulnerable isn’t a manly thing to do.

We’re taught from a young age to suck it up, to be tough, to be strong, to man up and often that creates a mentality that makes men feel less than if they are emotional. It makes men feel inferior if they show a sensitive side. It makes men feel less macho if they want to talk about their feelings. And that’s a major problem that we must continue to fight to overcome because it leads some men to suppress feelings of pain, guilt, disappointment, and more.

Bottling it up can be dangerous. It can lead to anxiety, depression and ultimately mental health issues can develop. We need an outlet for release. We should not continue to promote a fake macho image of how the world thinks men should act. We must let guys know that you are not less than if you are emotional, you are not less than if you show your sensitive side, you are not less than if you seek professional help for any mental health issues.

The shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35. It says:  “Then Jesus wept.” Jesus was emotional. He was sensitive. He was not afraid to show his feelings. We can never go wrong being like Jesus. - Rob Maaddi

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