Have you ever felt the enemy attacks you more when you are walking closely with the Lord, when you are about to step out boldly in faith? It happens to me all the time. When we are on the verge of a breakthrough, when we are about to soar to new heights, when we are close to doing great work for the Kingdom,  the enemy will use whatever tactics possible to come after us hard. The attacks come in various forms and often from some of those closest to us. It could be a dispute in a relationship, an argument with a friend or colleague, criticism or slander against us.

          There’s no limit to the depths the enemy will sink to try to create doubt in our minds, to attempt to shift our focus and take us away from our purpose because the enemy’s goal is to rob us from our destiny and make us quit. But we can’t let him win. What’s ours is ours and we have to fight through those attacks, seek the Lord, trust in His word and never let anything stop us from our destiny because what God has for us no one can take from us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper! - Rob Maaddi

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